We were on a roll with the parks today so decided to squeeze one more in. Leoland can be found in the Central City Mall where in the top floor there's an amusement park where a coaster can be found, or at least could be found. We knew that the ride was down prior to our visit and there were major redevelopment works going on inside the mall.

The coaster is very high up and does get quite close to the ceiling in places.

Here's a sign that we're not going to get to ride this one today!

The layout looked quite interesting with some of it running outside over a waterpark that the mall has on it's roof.

Why bother with supports when you can suspend the track from the roof.

Sign number 2 that the coaster wasn't going to be running today.

So a coaster that is likely to be on it's way out as there was less track here compared to photos we'd seen prior to flying out. But it hasn't gone completely so the door hasn't been closed shut just yet.

Be careful with parking in the mall car parks and be clear you know how to find your car. Signage can be confusing (at Fashion Island we found floor 2.5) and in Central Mall two different car parks had been labelled the same confusing our driver.

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