Having thoroughly enjoyed visiting South Africa in January 2011 plans were put in place to head south of the equator again in 2012 and we decided to head to Australia and New Zealand. Towards the end of 2011 a couple of friends did a trip to Indonesia and found 2 wooden coasters there so we decided to include those into the trip too. For various other reasons the countries, and parks expanded and in the end the itinerary had us doing the following.

Leg 1. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia 

Leg 2. Australia, New Zealand 

Leg 3. Thailand.

All being well we would get 50 new roller coaster credits from those countries. We'd also get the last 4 wooden mice coasters in the world (Blackpool has the 5th).
Another reason for wanting to go down under was to ride Tower of Terror at Dreamworld in Australia. Riding this would have had me ride all of the top 10 tallest coasters in the world. That one had been eluding me for some time.

and finally I'd get to visit some more capital cities (I try for 5 new ones each year)

This blog is a write up of that rather geeky trip.

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