Bandung Carnival Land

If Bandung is travelling off the beaten track then a visit to Bandung Carnival Land is that times 10. I only found this park and coaster in the weeks leading up to the trip. Research pays dividends I guess.It's located in the middle of nowhere about 30 minutes north west of Trans Studio park. So remote was this park that our driver had to ask 5 people for directions, but he did get us there. The park had fliers on their website that showed a wacky worm coaster, which looked promising.

A nice job on the entrance. You could tell that it's not a major chain! (and that's not a criticism)

The coaster in the park was not the wacky worm but a custom built powered caterpillar ride. Ulat Gila (Crazy Caterpillar) also ended up being my 1200th rollercoaster. Whilst most would have probably gone for the launched coaster for the benchmark I was quite chuffed to have this one. It's certainly unique!

Those that couldn't fit in the seats got to ride it in a rather unorthodox manner. No silly regulations here!

Cute air hockey table. I've never seen one with an elephant hanging on the side before.

The Haunted Walk through was genuinely creepy on account of it being in pitch black darkness, unmanned and containing unique theming that I hadn't seen before. It took me about 10 minutes to get through it on account of me being completely cautious (read "bricking it"). 

 The rest of the park, whilst small, looked to have love and attention heaped upon it, which is nice. It wasn't busy, just us, 4 others and a small group singing karaoke above the entrance, but we enjoyed our time there.

Kat takes the time to pose with one of the local cartoon celebs.

Bandung Carnival Land is best reached by car and driver again. As this was the most remote park make sure you've got maps and coordinates at hand and even better ensure he knows where to go before he attempts the drive.

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