Wisata Bahari Lamongan

Day 2 in Indonesia and it was time to head north to the town of Lamongan. Situated approximately 100 minutes north west of Surabaya on the Indonesia coast is Wisata Bahari Lamongan. The park translates literally as "Marine Tourism, Lamongan", so "Seaside Park" I guess would be the correct interpretation. It was here that Tal and George found a previously unlisted wooden coaster in 2011, the reason for visiting here.

 Amazing entrance piece to the park that dwarfs the crowds of people who'd come to visit. Today was certainly much more busier than yesterday. After queueing for our wristbands to the left we put them on and joined the queues into the park proper. Whilst queueing we noticed nobody else had put their bands on, they were holding them. It turns out at the end of the group there were 2 people employed to put the bands on.

 Like Jawa Timur Park 1 there's an educational section to the park that the majority of people were blindly walking into. Fortunately we were able to skip that and make our way to the coasters.

Crazy Car Coaster is believed to have been previously in Adelaide before finding it's way here. Some research has revealed that the Australian showman who ran the rides in Australia had contacts in Indonesia including the company that owns both this park and the 3 in Batu.

The coaster ran well but was a little bumpier than the previous day's. This one did feature a couple of genuine head chopper moments and I thought Martin was going to lose the top of his head going through one  of them. I chose to duck going through them, just to make sure.

Excellent car design!

Also rather strangely they were only allowing one ride per visit on this, marking the wristband to show the it had been ridden. With the ticket booths closed around the park there was also no alternative way of getting additional rides. We eventually managed it by sweet talking the ride ops and playing on the fact we'd travelled so far to ride it. Exploiting your tourist status to get around local rules is known in Japan as Gaijin Thumping and boy, were we having to do it with these mouse coasters :)

This park character is not to be confused with any other theme park mice.

Right on the edge of the sea is the second roller coaster, a powered space themed ride called Jet Coaster. It was running pretty quick too but not as fast as the dragon one the day before.

Next to the Jet Coaster was this interesting pseudo-coaster ride. It's like a disco but rather than being powered from one end to the other, the track tips like a see-saw. Does it count?

Interesting little drop tower.

Air powered rifle and cannon shooting range. You could hear the compressed air being released from quite far away.

Random park statues.

I have no idea what's going on here either.

A small indoor section offers some shade but no indoor rollercoasters :)

The park does have a third coaster listed. Called "Rotary Coaster" it's actually the ferris wheel.

Wisata Bahari Lamongan is a sizeable park that had attracted a pretty big crowd so it's clearly doing something right. The mouse coaster is still special enough to justify a trip out here, and to be honest the only reason that people are going to come to Surabaya is for these rides I reckon. Don't think that because you're by the sea the humidity will be less, it wasn't. It was very hot here and we chose to leave early rather than stick around.