Taman Remaja

Taman Remaja is Surabaya's city theme park so not too far to travel to if staying there. As it happened this was going to be our final park of this leg and from here it was straight to the airport.

The park has a nice frontage, and with a small car park that no-one was using gave us a sign that this park was not a busy one at all. In fact it was empty!

Batas is "bike"

The big coaster in the park is Tornado and it was closed. We tried asking the woman in the booth to open it but she didn't understand us. In the end she called for the park manager who could speak English and was very happy to open the ride early for us. It needed to have its test cycles run through so we hung about and talked to him about our trip and his ride.

The second coaster "Mini Coaster" was open and running, and the ride operator was very keen to have us ride on it. How could we turn his request down, so we rode this.

We then went back to the big coaster (it's just opposite) and waited for the ride to open. The trains looked they needed some TLC, note the restraints missing from the seats in the back. No chance of a back row ride here!

When it did open the ride was actually OK. I think there was just one drop where I took a bit of a knock.

This is some sort of haunted walkthrough. Closed unfortunately.

The park do like their skull entrances! This one was for dodgems I think.

Very bizarre looking monorail.

Interesting looking dodgem variations. If you're hit hard from behind I wonder if you'd fall out of the seat.

The rest of the park contained a decent selection of childrens ride, all too small for me to ride :)

Taman Remaja was a park that didn't really offer anything unique but the staff's friendliness still left me with a nice memory. I'm not sure what the future of the park holds as it wasn't getting people visiting it other than us. Wisata shows that people were out and about and would fill parks if they had the right rides. For us this park was close enough to our hotel to walk but as we were en route to the airport we continued to take advantage of the car and driver that we'd hired.

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