Danga Bay

Today was supposed to be for visiting Escape Theme Park in Singapore but it announced it closure a month before we flew out. Fortunately the rcdb website posted a new park in Malaysia just an hours drive from Singapore with a reported coaster. So with some time on our hands we decided to go research the area to see what they did have. 

Danga Bay is located in the Johor Bahru region of Malaysia on the banks of the straits that separate Singapore from the Malaysian mainland.

If you need directions just head towards the Spastik region (I kid you not) and follow the waters edge inland and you'll soon find it.

 When we got there it was clear we were early. It's listed as opening at 3 but a swifter immigration crossing meant that we got here half an hour early. We were happy to sit around and wait for the rides to open and a park guy did come over to check we were alright. The good news was that there was at least one coaster here.

The area is a bit of a resort area taking advantage of the sandy beaches that lined the coast...just not at this time of day.

The park again appeared to have a good selection of ride although the quality of them were variable.

This ride which had 3 different spellings of "Black Hole Odyssey" also appeared to be a coaster and I knew about this one in advance following a terrible video uploaded to youtube where it wasn't clear what it was.

Two more clues that it was a coaster, albeit a powered one. I promise never to take photos of wheel assemblies again.

Soon after 3pm the ride ops removed the covers and we did indeed have 2 coasters. The Black Hole one was similar to the jet coaster we'd written at Wisata Bahari a single helixed powered coaster. This one was enclosed and they'd done a good job keeping the light out. 2 laps on this bad boy and it we were done, and the ride ops then went over to the other coaster and started that up.

The bird was clearly surprised to see us, and the ride itself was alright. It was better than the powered coaster but easily forgettable.

One interesting side note. Storage crates behind the Odyssey coaster were branded with a UK travelling showman. I wonder if that's where the rides originated?

Well we now know what Danga Bay has to offer. It was never going to be the best park ever but two rides are still worth getting especially when they're so close to Universal Studios. To get here we just hired a taxi from the hotel and had them drive us over, wait and drive us back. You can usually negotiate a good rate with the hotel and never accept their first offer :) Don't forget to take your passport with you as you will have to cross into Malaysia, the process however is very swift and you don't have to leave the car to make the crossing.

Happy Perthday to Me!

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